RMR Ltd. (Ros's Mech Repairs) is a clan side, Unionist group specializing in vehicle maintenance, transportation and security services. We provide the scouts, security teams, transport vehicles and maintenace for all cross-Rubi-Ka travel and delivery needs. 

Services available:

  • Convoy vehicles available for hire
  • Field mechanics for convoys
  • Convoy security teams
  • Transport route scouting and security checks
  • For special deliveries - please inquire
  • Mech vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Yalmaha parts and services
  • Custom body work on vehicles, combat suits and bot shells

Staff Contacts:

  • Pete "Petros" Dublin - RMR Ltd. Owner
  • Fya "Hilfy" Hill - Security
  • Cordell "Ragunn" Kirklin - Scouting